Acquiring KSL

KSL can be obtained by cloning the repository from the GitHub site:

git clone

Required tools

Optional dependencies


On most Linux distributions the above packages can be installed using the distribution’s package manager.

Arch Linux:

pacman -S cmake cblas

Ubuntu / Debian-based Linux Distributions:

apt-get install cmake cblas


On a Macintosh, the dependencies can be installed using the brew package manager:

brew install cmake

The cblas package is already available on a Macintosh using the accelerate framework, the CMakeLists.txt file may need to be modified to bring in this dependency correctly.


KSL has not been tested on Windows machines.

Building KSL

To build the KSL library, from within the top directory of the repository, issue the following commands:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

To enable BLAS, change the cmake argument above as:

cmake .. -DWITH_BLAS

To build in release mode (disables asserts and debug output)

cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

Running Tests

After building as described above, then issue the command:

make test

Building documentation

Documentation can be built by issuing the command in the build directory:

make doc

Optional - documentation can be copied to your /share/doc folder by issuing the command:

make install